Don't Believe You, Too Can be Helped? Let Those Who Were Helped Tell You Themselves!

From almost 1,000 people who registered for the "1,000 Shofarot Tikkun" conducted last year, a full 945 people – many with afflictions that caused almost everyone to believe that they were beyond hope and were destined to spend their lives alone – got married! Many of those people suffer from handicaps that are far worse and more dispiriting than anything that can possibly beset you

Want to hear their story, the despair they felt, and the sheer magnitude of the miracle they experienced as a result of the 1,000 Shofarot Tikkun in Amuka? Why not ask them yourself and hear it in their own words?

Click here for a partial list of names and phone numbers of the 945 people who got their deliverance last year – as well as the handicap they had to contend with before their happiest of days arrived!

רשימה שמית של אנשים

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