The Secrets of the '1,000 Shofaros Tikkun'

The Shofar Abolishes All Judgment

Medrash Rabba tells:

"Rabbi Yehuda bar Rabbi Nachman said:

"Hashem has risen in a (sound of a (shofar) blast, Hashem in the sound of the Shofar" – What is the reason Hashem rises to the sound of the shofar blast?

This is because when Hashem, blessed be He, sits on the throne of judgment – he sits on it [to perform the call of] justice...

But when the people of Israel take their shofarot in their hands and blow before Him, Hashem blessed be He gets up from the seat of judgment and sits on the seat of mercy. He gets filled with compassion for them and turns the judgments (the 'dinim') that hover over them into the measure of mercy".

The blowing of the shofar is derived from the memory of the ram Avraham sacrificed as a substitute for his son Yitzchak. The merit of Yitzchak's self-sacrifice, symbolized in the ram, ameliorates the anger of Hashem when His children deviate from His will more than any other single factor in the history of the Jewish nation.

Whenever we blow the shofar, the merit of this extraordinary act is remembered, affecting the abolition of Heavenly anger and rebuke.

Many wars in Jewish history were won while the Jews were blowing the shofar – from the very first war in Eretz Yisrael, when the Jews surrounded Jericho and onwards.

The Power of Many

The Torah teaches us that when many pray together, there is an exponential increase in the effectiveness of their prayers. Two people praying together have the power of four individual prayers...three people praying together are like twelve individual prayers...4 people praying together have the impact of 48 praying alone...and when 5 Jews get together, the sum of their prayers equals a whopping 240 individual efforts, 6 make it the great tikkun in Amuka there will be tens of thousands of people praying, and hundreds blowing the shofar!!!

It is mathematically impossible to calculate the combined effect of this extraordinary occasion.

The Secret of 1,000

The holy books bring down that the most special number in kabbala is 1000.

It is mentioned throughout the Jewish holy literature. "A thousand for you, Salomon, and 200 to the keepers of its fruit" says the holy book of Koheles....A thousand years are considered as constituting "a single day" by Hashem.... Adam was supposed to live for 1,000 years, but ended up living just 930 after giving 70 of his years to King David....And much more. This is not a coincidence.

According to kabbala, a combination of one thousand shofar blows has the power to all but smash Heavenly obstacles and bring about redemption and deliverance to people in their hour of need.

All those astonishing spiritual forces are combined in one very special day, Tu Bishevat, the yahrzteit of the Holy Tana, Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel, at his sacred gravesite. During this day, the mekubalim of the Yeshiva Yeshuot in Amuka alongside the tzaddik Admor Harav Yechiel Abuchatzeira perform the '1,000 Shofarot Tikkun'.

The tikkun is incredibly taxing on the mekubalim that conduct it. It takes many hours to complete and involves intense concentration, as the sages pray heartfelt tefillot while they concentrate on the complex kavanot of the holy Arizal and the Rashash – but the effect of it is nothing less than unbelievable.

Every year this incredible spiritual rectification breaks the iron chains that hold single people captives in their loneliness and brings them the deliverance they so sorely seek.

Literally thousands of singles, many of whom were certain that they'll never be the one to stand under the chuppa, find their soul mates within the year of the tikkun. Many find their 'bashert' within weeks – and some even on the very night after the tikkun.

But the mekubalin of the yeshiva still go on.

The mekubalim of Yeshiva Yeshuos in Amuka will continue to pray for all the people who were registered for the tikkun for an entire year. They conduct various kabbala tikkunim throughout the year, beseeching the holy Tzaddik buried there to intercede on your behalf again, and again and again... until you are helped.

Call 1-718-564-6335 now and register for this momentous tikkun.

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