The Yeshuot BeAmuka Yeshiva

The only ones that are there for you – all the time!

Many people come and go to Amuka – after all, this is the place where singles get helped more than anywhere else on earth...but only the rabbis and meukablim of the Yeshuot BeAmuka Yeshiva are here all year round.

The significance of this is great.

The resting place of the Tzaddik is very much alive, and the relationship with the Tzaddik is real and ongoing.

The Rabbis of Yeshiva Yeshuot BeAmuka are in Amuka for you and every lonely Jewish soul that requires deliverance.

Everyone knows of the great '1,000 Shofarot Tikkun' but very few know that the Yeshuot BeAmuka Yeshiva conducts many other tikkunim throughout the year on behalf of the people who call them for help.

The 'Tikkun Ner Hashem Nishmat Adam' prescribed by the holy Ohr Hachaim is conducted year-round.

The kohanim during their daily blessings, performed with the holy kavanot of the Arizal, keep the names of all the people who need relief in front of them, so that you are always on their minds – all year long.