If you have been waiting for a long time to get married, here's something you should know:

Your Soul Mate Is
Already Here

In fact, he or she has been waiting for you for years...but the wait could be over
in less than a month!

Do you sometimes get demoralized, feeling that no one will ever want you?

Do you look at all your friends getting married and having children and slowly but surely get convinced that your "mazel is simply blocked"?

Or that there's an ayin hora (evil eye) cast on you by someone jealous or angry?

Do you find it impossible to get over a previous relationship? Do you find yourself playing scenes from that relationship over and over again inside your head, wondering for the thousandth time "what if" you would have said this or that instead of what you said...if you would have done (or not done) this thing or another?

Do you find yourself in promising relationships, but when the time comes to make the decision and take the plunge, you become frozen with terror and are unable to make the decision…only to see the relationship fizzle – again and again? Or, worse still, you see that person get engaged to someone else and something inside you just dies a silent, painful death, and you keep on beating yourself up again and again?

Is there a paralyzing family or peer-pressure that always kills off potentially promising relationships in your life?

Are you convinced that it is not possible that anyone would want you because of how you look? Or because of health issues? Or because you did some things in your past that you're not proud of?

If you answered "Yes" to ANY of the above questions, the reason for these difficulties may NOT be what you think at all...

...and the solution is far easier AND A LOT CLOSER than you might imagine!!

In fact, your happiest day may be less than a month away!

Here's why:

The Wall

You may think you're all alone, steeped in pain and self-doubt – but the fact is that your soul mate – your zivug – "the one" - is already here...

     ...and he or she is in the same pain as you are!

Our sages teach us that 40 days before a person is born, it is decreed in Heaven that "the daughter of so and so shall marry so and so" – that means that while you go around despondent, filled with self-doubt, sure that "no one will want you" - you are EXACTLY what your true zivug is aching for. He or she is real!

While you grapple with past mistakes, your ‘true one' is waiting, just as agonizingly as you are, wishing more than anything to finally get together with you, and start the family of your dreams. All your zivug is dreaming of, is for the chance to make you happy and for you to make him or her happy in return!

It's a fact.

But it is also a fact that there is an invisible obstacle that is keeping the two of you apart. While other couples seem to hitch up quickly and painlessly, you and your true soul mate move around like nomads in the desert of life, thirsty for the loving companionship of a spouse and children.

What separates you two is in fact, a "spiritual wall".

The mekubalim call that spiritual wall "dinim" - 'Heavenly indictments and verdicts'.

It is that wall of dinim that produces all the obstacles mentioned above. And it is also that very 'wall' that is demoralizing you, making you feel like there's no hope for you.

The sad part is that as long as that 'wall' of unmitigated 'dinim' is in place, you two are most likely to never meet one another. And even if you two were to meet, chances are the two of you will not get married – and even if you do, that marriage is more than likely be fraught with great difficulties.

But there is also another part to that fact – a much happier part.

That part is that once those dinim are neutralized ("sweetened" in the language of kabbala) your reality is likely to change so fast it may literally spin your head!

And the best chance to do exactly that – to ameliorate, sweeten and all-but demolish the wall of dinim that separates you and your soul mate from the marriage and happiness you deserve, is less than a month away – Thursday, January 16th, in fact!

My dear brothers and sisters: If you REALLY want it, you WILL, Be'ezras Hashem get married still this year!

The "1,000 Shofarot Tikkun" (kabbalistic rectification) in Amuka

On this coming Tu Bishevat – January 16th – tzaddik Admor Rabbi Yechiel Abuchatzeira shlit"a will perform the rare and unique "1,000 Shofarot Tikkun" – kabbala's rectification of the '7 Gates of Zivug (match)', many times even for single men and women from around the world who were not able to get married for any other reason.

The tikkun takes place in Amuka; at the holy gravesite of the G-dly tana Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel known throughout the ages as the most auspicious place for singles to ask for and find their zivug – their soul-mate, and merit to have children.

Thousands upon thousands of singles have been coming to Amuka every year for the past 2,000 years to beg the Hashem Almighty to break the iron chains of their loneliness and despair. And this great Tzaddik, who himself never married, and thus understands better than anyone the plight of single people, promises – and delivers - a total and complete deliverance to their problem.

And Tu Bishevat is the day Kabbala tells us the barriers can be smashed!

Kabbala masters who know how to harness the secrets of kabbala that can be applied during the 15th day of the month of Shevat, the Rosh Hashana of the trees and plants, can open the seven gates that block the mazel of unmarried singles, man or woman, whatever the origin or nature of that obstacle may be.

"For a person is the tree of the field" says the holy Torah. The mekubalim (kabbala masters) explain that a person is akin to a fruits-bearing tree and Tu Bishevat is the day when it is determined in Heaven if a person will have a family and bring his own fruits to the world.

In this awesome tikkun the mekubalim "sweeten" a person's sad history. All evil-eyes and spells cast by the anger and jealousies of people from the past and present are expunged.

The '1,000 Shofarot Rectification' opens before you a brand new page.

Harness the power of kabbala and get married THIS YEAR!

The tzaddik Admor Harav Yechiel Abuchatzeira shlit"a - the son of the saintly Baba Chaki and nephew of the saintly Baba Sali, may the memory of tzaddikim stand by us and protect us - is famous as a performer of yeshuot for thousands of desperate people who could not be helped before.

On Tu Bishevat, Rabbi Abuchatzeira, alongside mekubalim from Yeshiva Yeshuos BeAmuka and with hundreds of people, will perform the unique and rare "1,000 Shofarot Tikkun" at the gravesite of the holy Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel. The tikkun is performed with many heartfelt prayers and in accordance to the secrets of kabbala, using special kavanot (kabbalistic thoughts). The holy mekubalim tell us that this extraordinary tikkun opens all the 7 spiritual gates that block your mazel and enable you to find your soul mate and get married IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE!

When you register for the tikkun you give your name and that of your mother. Along with Rabbi Abuchatzeira shlit"a, there will be hundreds of men, blowing shofarot, praying and assisting in the performance of what is known to be an extremely powerful tikkun for single men and women who are having difficulties getting together with their 'bashert' – their intended one. They will perform hakafot (ritual encirclements) while concentrating on holy kabbalistic names and blowing the shofar 1,000 times, praying for you along with special kavanot as prescribed by the holy kabbala and the divinations of the G-dly Rashash zt"l.

In addition, the mekubalim have prepared 257 sets called "Zivug Kits". The kit is a one-of-a-kind collection of kabbalistic segulot; amulets, talismans and kabbalistic remedies proven to remove and undo specific spiritual, emotional and physical stumbling blocks that stand between you and the happiness you so richly deserve.

The kits contain 3 extremely powerful hand-crafted segulot prepared in accordance with precise kabbalistic prescriptions and instructions:

The Grace Amulet of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. By carrying this small amulet with you, you bring about a bounty of Heavenly grace, charm and favor in the eyes of all who see you – from your potential soul-mate to family members, co-workers and even complete strangers!

The Sacred Amulet of the Holy Mekubal Rashash. (Rabbi Shalom Sharabi of saintly memory, one of the greatest kabbala masters of all time) This powerful amulet will protect you from future evil-eye cast by jealous, angry, or mean-spirited people around you. The amulet is also known to be extremely effective in opening the spiritual portal of you mazel.

The Sacred 72 Holy Names of Hashem. Written by certified scribes on parchment in total purity and holiness – this most holy amulet has been known for generations to open the path of finding your ‘bashert"- your intended soul-mate, and attracting him or her to you.

Please note: These segulot are extremely powerful and must be kept hidden at all times!

HaGaon Hamekubal Rabbi Yechiel Abuchatzeira shlit"a stated unequivocally:

"I have no doubt that anyone who we will pray for will see their redemption, in the very near future, Be'ezras Hashem."

Don't miss out! There are only 257 such hand-assembled kabbalistic segulot kits available that will be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once they run out – that's it for this year!

To join the special "1,000 Shofarot Tikkun" of HaRav Rabbi Yechiel Abuchatzeira shlit"a that will take place, Im yirtzeh Hashem, at the holy gravesite of the G-dly tana Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel, may his merit protect and deliver us, on Tu Bishevat call 1-718-564-6335 NOW.

Don't miss out! You have suffered enough! The time of your deliverance has come!

The tzaddik, Admor Rabbi Yechiel Abuchatzeira A Son and Nephew of Miracle Workers

The name Abuchatzeira is mentioned with great awe by all Jews around the world, especially among the Jews of North African descent. There has seldom been another family of such giants, scions of Torah and yiras shamayim.

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The Yeshuot BeAmuka Yeshiva

he only ones that are there for you – all the time!

Many people come and go to Amuka – after all, this is the place where singles get helped more than anywhere else on earth...but only the rabbis and meukablim of the Yeshuos BeAmuka Yeshiva are here all year round.

The significance of this is great.

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The Secrets of the ‘1,000 Shofaros Tikkun'

The Shofar Abolishes All Judgment

Medrash Rabba tells:
"Rabbi Yehuda bar Rabbi Nachman said:
"Hashem has risen in a (sound of a (shofar) blast, Hashem in the sound of the Shofar" – What is the reason Hashem rises to the sound of the shofar blast?

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Don't Believe You, Too, Can be Helped? Let Those Who Were Helped Tell You Themselves!

From the nearly 1,000 people who registered for the "1,000 Shofarot Tikkun" conducted last year, a full 945 people – many with afflictions that caused almost everyone to believe that they were beyond hope and were destined to spend their lives alone – got married! Many of those people suffer from handicaps that are far worse and more dispiriting than anything that can possibly beset you.

Want to hear their story, the despair they felt, and the sheer magnitude of the miracle they experienced as a result of the '1,000 Shofarot Tikkun' in Amuka? Why not ask them yourself and hear it in their own words?

Click here for a partial list of names and phone numbers of the 945 people who got their deliverance last year – as well as the handicap they had to contend with before their happiest of days arrived!